Stivali New York

Shoemakers since 1998, Stivali takes its inspiration from the sophistication of New York City, the fine Italian design and the rich pre-Spanish history of the Americas.
The women footwear brand is handmade in Colombia, with the finest leathers, expert care, devotion to craft, and love for each artisan that is part of the Stivali family and that is also apart of the story each footprint left by Stivali shoes around the world.
Stivali's ambassadors would often see women's fashion items as investments- a beautiful dress, a fine coat and a superb pair of shoes crafted to last season up season. They would treasure Stivali's quality and curves, along with a rejuvenated awareness into traditional skills. "Investment shoes and boots" bought for the long term, encompassing prime materials and leathers, all with a stake in the legacy behind the Stivali brand.
The way in which Stivali mends thoughtfulness and creativity into footwear is always in consideration of our morals, the world around us, and you. We have worked with 100% Colombian leather since our beginnings and continue to choose genuine leathers over alternatives. With significantly less environmental impact and guaranteed longevity, Stivali Shoes are made to last in your closet, not in our planet. For ever pair of shoes, we strive to not only cater elevated footear but ease our carbon footprint as well.