Please Don't Tell

Hi, My Name is Carolina Benoit
I’m a mom, wife, fashion designer and artist. I have two beautiful girls, Naomi and Frida, who have taught me the real meaning of life.
I can’t remember when I started my business, it was a long time ago, but I can tell you that it has changed a lot throughout the years. I started as a designer, then moved to be a boutique owner representing brands such as For Love And Lemons, Le Specs and countless of Latin American designers. At one point I had 3 boutiques open in some of the most important malls of America. After some hardships and a lot of soul searching, I decided to leave it all and come back to my design and art roots.
Lots of things changed throughout the years, but most importantly my outlook on life. 4 years ago my father suffered a stroke caused by stress, my mother in law passed away, and at the same time I became a mom. During that period I opened 3 boutiques, and became a mom for a second time. I was constantly under a lot of pressure, but I found myself thriving career wise. One day at the mall, there was a big shooting scare, nothing really happened, there was no shooter, but the fear in people cause a stampede inside my store, during that chaos, while I was trying to grab my 6 month baby from inside the store my 2 year old daughter got taken from me. Thank G-d we were reunited within 2 hours, but that experience turned to be life changing. During those two hours that I thought I had lost my daughter, I realized that I would give up anything to get her back, not all the money in the world, or fame, or even health, could fill not having my baby with me.
However, that was not all. I continued for a year to have my bestselling boutique in the best selling mall of America. During that year I was constantly seeing how people would consume mindlessly (yes apparently I’m the only person who dislikes to sell like crazy, lol) and I was also aware of the amount of waste produced by my store: plastic, mostly polyester, and our own plastic bags were an issue, and lets not even get started on the origin of the clothes sold at my store, I had no idea if they were produced ethically or by modern slavery. At one point I realized I needed to be true to myself., the mindless consumerism and waste was making me truly upset.
I decided that I wanted to live a more meaningful, mindful and present life and I decided it was time for me to move into what really fulfilled me, which was continuing to design, create, and dedicating myself fully to my family. I decided to create a shop that was 100% focused on sustainability and ethically made products, which I wouldn't feel were being purchase mindlessly. I decided to break from that circle of insanity that is mindless fashion consumerism.
My main goal with this store is to inspire you to live a more fulfilled & present life. To inspire you to turn your closet into an eco wardrobe, which can be as fashionable as it is ethical and sustainable. And to share with you snippets that have helped me become a more present, and grounded person. I hope you find in this space inspiration to fulfill your life’s purpose and thank you so much for reading me, with so much content in the internet, I know your time is very valuable! Love you all!